Guide to Lean Business Expenses

Running a company is great and not so great. Not everyone likes having to keep track of expenses and invoices. If you avoid this, you will inevitably rack up a long list, from paper, pens and docket books, to automatic rent receipts and having to pay salaries, superannuation and a few taxes and levies.
As a director, you must be across it all. If you are not it takes more time to pull it together, that time is costly.

To maximise every dollar in your business, the systems that you use to send the information into them must be super efficient.

Your money works hard for you, set up your expenses correctly. Then growing your business, running debt-free or using debt smartly will keep this side of your business lean!

While you are small, managing the cash-flow is relatively easy. When the orders are specific for your customers and the customer has not paid you up-front, then you are operating as a bank for that customer. This is a two edged sword.
On one side, the relationship that you hold with the customer is paramount and being quick and prompt to service their needs has made a strong relationship.
If the customer starts to slip in their payments to you or gets you to order in items that you would otherwise not hold or sell. Then, you are entering into a high risk area.

As stock moves through your inventory ledger, the value the bookkeeper or accountant sees, may not move much.
If your quantities thou are moving around quite a lot and the type of inventory that you sell is fairly consistent, then you should be sure your record system is in tip-top shape.

But, your record system is only part of the business story...

Your approach to your industries compliance, financing risk and workers health and safety all feed into your record system.

Can you afford not to have accurate records?

We can help you bring it all online for easy instant access when you need to. Why bother with a dozen apps?
Sometimes a day is all it takes for a independent report and assessment especially for you!
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